1. USER(s): 
  1. Any internet visitor of THE SITE. Usage of SITE by any USER indicates agreement to terms of this agreement.
  2. USERS can search for PROVIDERS and contact them via supplied web form.
  3. USERS may visit RESOURCE webpages and visit the off-site links provided with each RESOURCE.
  1. SITE: 
  1. is a website provided by the MBS THERAPY, LLC which consists of webpages that showcase PROVIDER provided RESOURCES for the educational and informational enjoyment of its USERS.
  2. SITE showcases PROVIDER PROFILES, provides a search function to find PROVIDERS & gives ability for USERS to interact with PROVIDERS via a web form.
  1. MBS THERAPY, LLC, a Washington state Limited Liability Company, is owner and operator of MBS THERAPY, LLC maintains & upgrades the SITE and provides VERIFICATION of all PROVIDERS.
  2. MBS THERAPY, LLC makes no copyright claim to any RESOURCE or IMAGE (other than its logo) and showcases RESOURCES for teaching, scholarship and research purposes only.
  1. PROVIDER(s):
  1. Any USER who has received VERIFICATION by the MBS THERAPY, LLC and has paid the annual VERIFICATION fee. All PROVIDERS have been verified before placement on the SITE.
  2. PROVIDERS provide therapy services for USERS seeking help for issues concerning the mind, body and spirit. PROVIDERS maintain a Professional PROVIDER PROFILE on the SITE and supply information and educational RESOURCES for the enjoyment of all USERS.
  1. A password protected representation of the PROVIDER’S PUBLIC PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS on the SITE that includes contact information, textual biographies, service and specialization categories, insurances and payment accepted, social media links and links to the PROVIDER’s website.
  2. PROVIDERS maintain their own PROVIDER PROFILES.
  3. LINKING. PROVIDER may not include links that cause the download of executable code, virus, or any material or website considered “adult”, “objectionable” or unlawful. MBS THERAPY, LLC reserves the right to reject any link for any reason or no reason.
  4. RIGHT TO REJECT. MBS THERAPY, LLC reserves the right to reject PROVIDER PROFILE information and RESOURCES for any or no reason at all.
  5. RIGHT TO CANCEL.  Either MBS THERAPY, LLC or PROVIDER may elect to cancel remove their PROVIDER PROFILE or RESOURCES at any time without refund. In the event of cancellation, PROVIDER PROFILE or RESOURCES will be removed from the SITE as soon as possible.
  6. ERRORS & OMISSIONS. MBS THERAPY, LLC is neither responsible nor will be held liable (financially or otherwise) for errors and/or omissions of any information, function, feature, layout or code on its websites either due to computer error, equipment failure, software failure or coding error, virus, human error or any act of God.
  7. NO PROMISE OF PERFORMANCE. PROVIDER agrees that MBS THERAPY, LLC makes no statement of warranty, guarantee or promise as to the performance, or lack of performance of any PROVIDER PROFILE or RESOURCE on any MBS THERAPY, LLC website. Performance may be defined as the measurements of traffic, impressions, hits, leads, quotes, clicks, conversions, offers, sales, jobs, services, gigs or any other performance measurement metric.
  8. RESPONSIBILITY OF OWNERSHIP or CURRENT LICENSE.  PROVIDER is solely responsible for the entire substance and content (including text, logos and images) of RESOURCES and PROVIDER PROFILE including obtaining rights to use images, graphics or text from the copyright holder as determined by US copyright and trademark laws. PROVIDER accepts ALL copyright claims against its RESOURCES.
  1. A relevant link (relevant to the PROVIDER’s area of practice) to an outside website that is added and maintained by a PROVIDER for the educational & informational purposes and the enjoyment of all USERS.
  2. Each Resource includes:
  1. a direct link to the off-site RESOURCE
  2. a headline
  3. a quick description
  4. author attribution
  5. a public domain image that represents the RESOURCE.
  1. Relevant PROVIDER PROFILE thumbnail representations can be viewed on RESOURCE PAGES.
  2. INFORMATIONAL and EDUCATIONAL purposes ONLY. Please do not attempt to sell a 3rd party product or service on the SITE. Using your RESOURCES as an advertising platform is an abuse of the RESOURCE purpose. Linking to books (even your own) on Amazon (etc), blogs, how-to videos and informational websites is acceptable. Linking to your own material is encouraged and appreciated by our community.
  3. MBS THERAPY, LLC monitors all RESOURCES and reserves the right to remove any RESOURCE for any reason.
  1. Available for USERS wishing to become PROVIDERS. MBS THERAPY, LLC provides VERIFICATION for potential PROVIDERS for a yearly fee.
  2. VERIFICATION can include;
  1. review of public state business licenses and professional credentials
  2. education review and lookup
  3. business location/contact lookup
  4. professional and peer reputation review including participation in professional groups or guilds
  5. limited internet/social media reviews
  1. USERS who receive a less than favorable VERIFICATION will not be charged.
  2. PROVIDERS with a favorable VERIFICATION can pay the VERIFICATION fee and receive a PROVIDER PROFILE account.
  1. The yearly fee paid by the PROVIDER to the MBS THERAPY, LLC for VERIFICATION, maintaining a PROVIDER PROFILE and curating RESOURCES for USERS.
  2. REFUNDS. Refunds are not available.
  3. CANCELLATION.  A cancelled VERIFICATION is not refundable.
  1. PROVIDER & USER hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless MBS THERAPY, LLC; its employees, owners, agents, and/or any other persons acting on their behalf, from and against any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, liens, liabilities, litigations, copyrights, penalties, fines, lawsuits, orders, and other proceedings and costs and expenses (including expert, consultant, and attorney fees and costs), out-of-pocket expenses, and other costs ("Claims") arising out of or in any way associated with MBS THERAPY, LLC. This indemnification includes any Claims against MBS THERAPY, LLC related to any RESOURCE or PROVIDER PROFILE displayed by MBS THERAPY, LLC on its websites, including errors, offers, prices, omissions, mistakes, promises or success/failure of performance.