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Lemecia Lindsey - LICSWLemecia Lindsey - LICSW
I fell in love with EMDR therapy many years ago when I noticed that "talk therapy" was not enough to help most clients get "unstuck" from the pain that they were feeling and to create lasting change in their lives.

I was amazed to see how powerful EMDR is at reaching the deep hurt that so many people hold inside. Our bodies are designed to heal and EMDR taps into people's innate wisdom and healing response. As an EMDR therapist I consider myself a partner on my clients healing journey. Rather than me helping people to think differently or act differently I use EMDR to facilitate the natural healing response that each person has within them.

EMDR helps people to release the trauma so that they can feel happy and whole again. If you have experienced something in life that has deeply affected you such as child abuse, neglect, divorce, loss of a loved one or have experienced a life threatening event then I can help.

I have been in private practice in Vancouver since 2009 and feel so honored to support my clients on their journey to wellness and to watch their lives transform.

Hello, my name is Lemecia Lindsey and I am a Certified EMDR trauma therapist. I work with men and women who are experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD or relationship issues. I use a special type of therapy called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) to help client's process upsetting life experiences that get in the way of them feeling their best.

I specialize in working with adults with complex trauma, dissociation using a variety of advanced and creative EMDR protocols. I am a Certified EMDR therapist and an EMDR Consultant. I also provide consultation to EMDR therapists who are learning the therapy or who are wanting to advance their skills through EMDRIA Certification.

Many individuals recovering from personal trauma benefit from couples therapy to reconnect with their partners in new ways. People heal through loving and being loved as well as feeling safe and secure in their relationships. Because of this I have been trained in and provide couples therapy using Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples or EFT, which has a high success rate in helping partners reconnect in their relationship.
I like to help:Adults Couples Individuals LGBTQ Men Veterans Women
I help with:


Abuse Anxiety Attachment Chemical Dependency Depression DID Dissociation Dissociative Disorders Dual Diagnosis Grief-Loss Phobias Relationship Issues Self Esteem Sexual Abuse Stress Management Substance Abuse Trauma And PTSD Traumatic Brain Injury Veterans Issues


Attachment-based Couples Ego State Therapy EMDR Emotionally Focused Therapy Internal Family Systems (IFS) Somatic Trauma Focused


Counseling Mindfullness
I offer these payment methods:Cash Flexible Spending Accounts Mastercard Personal Check Visa
Out of Pocket Fee for Cash Payment: $150 Individuals and Couples

I accept the following insurances:First Choice Health
Masters in Social Work 2001
Training & Achievments:
Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDR Consultant. Advanced training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for couples.

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